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Wholesale Products

Wholesale Products

Power Threads™ encourages a professional and environmentally friendly approach to cleaning. Take advantage of a number of technologically advanced wholesale microfiber products of superior quality for your home, office and automotive requirements. 

  • Applicator Pad: Sealing the deal like the pros

The Power Threads™ Applicator Pad – CTA Products LLC gets the job done right the first time. Say goodbye to sticky fingers and messy floors. Made with microfiber circular knit cloth, the two sided pad makes application of any type of liquid or paste easier than you ever imagined. The fine fibers of the microfiber cloth facilitate even application of the cleaning product within the microscopic pores on the surface. The other side of the applicator allows for the even, smooth removal of the applied product. In addition, microfiber with a denier of less than one can remove unwanted residue from the surface that other cloths leave behind. This economically priced product is available in white, 500 pieces per box, buy now!

  • Glass Cleaning Cloth: A superior streak-free shine

The Power Threads™ Glass Cleaning Cloth is especially designed to remove tough dirt and residue from glass, windows, plexi-glass, stainless steel, mirrors, glassware and other smooth surfaces in your home, office or factory. This convenient and easy to use thick microfiber cloth is guaranteed to remove dirt, fingerprints and all types of surface films. Moreover, the ultra smooth texture leaves virtually no lint and cleans without scratching. It is available by special order only, so make your wholesale request right away.

  • Lens Cloth: The ideal travel companion

The Power Threads™ Lens Cloth is your multipurpose cleaning solution for every kind of glass item you can think of. It offers chemical free, safe cleaning for eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, touch screens, computer screens, cell phones, copiers and a host of other office equipment. Order immediately and you will never have to worry about the smearing or oily films that traditional cleaning cloths leave behind.

Available by special order only, this lightweight, ideal traveling companion effectively cleans even musical instruments and jewelry. You can rest easy knowing that it lifts dust and oils from delicate surfaces without scratching. Very lightweight and great for traveling it is durable, cost effective and can be washed hundreds of times.

  • Terry Cloth: Super absorbent dirt buster

The Power Threads™ Terry Cloth From - CTA Products LLC cleans your home, office, car or RV with brilliant results. Apart from being one of the finest quality microfiber products available, it is super absorbent and dries in half the time of ordinary towels. You can use it to detail your car or boat, remove dust and dirt from CD's or eyeglasses, clean windows and mirrors, and dry yourself or your pets and so much more. Nothing tops its durability or value. It has received recognition from professionals for its large size, tremendous absorbing capacity, scratch and streak free cleaning power and its ability to remove 98-99% of all dirt with just water. Get it now! Your super soft and absorbent terry towel will serve you for many years to come.

  • Plush Style Chinese Towel: Highest cleaning power at an unbelievably low price

The Power Threads™ Plush Style Chinese Towel – CTA Products LLC offers unbeatable cleaning power at an unbelievably low price. Dealing with stubborn grease, dirt and grime in your office, home or car is no longer a challenge with our plush microfiber towel. Made in China from the highest quality microfiber, it is far superior to traditional cleaning cloths in performance, pricing and durability. Use it for ultra clean surfaces with a streak free and polished finish. Purchase today and save money on paper towels, soaps and cleaners. It is available in white (250 pieces per box) in wholesale quantities, which is just perfect for printing company logos.

  • Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth: Tough on dirt but soft on your hands

Nothing beats the Power Threads™ Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth (M-3000) in softness, durability and cleaning efficiency. Made in Korea and brought to you exclusively by CTA Products LLC, it has become a favorite with home, office and auto customers for its tough cleaning action as well as its gentleness on their hands. Available only in wholesale quantities with special provisions for company brand names and logos, you can place your order right now. The plush super cleaning agent that increases the effectiveness of cleaners comes in blue, 16” x 16”, 200 pieces per case.

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