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Cloth Addiction Microfiber Cloth in its own carrying case plus Free Shipping
Cloth Addiction Microfiber Cloth

Introducing the new generation of microfiber cloths that will end your frustration with dirty screens. Use on iPads, cellphones, monitor screens, screen protectors, even camera lenses.
Satisfy your Cloth Addiction
Satisfy your cloth addiction Youll never believe how easy it is to keep your screen perfectly clean
Satisfy your cloth addiction Super fine microfiber threads keeps your iPad and all other screens in optimal condition
Satisfy your cloth addiction Fits right inside your iPad case to travel with you anywhere, protects and cleans at the same time
Satisfy your cloth addiction Guaranteed to be the softest cloth you have ever used
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CTA Products, offering premium quality microfiber products since 1996
CTA Products List Effectively and quickly removes the finest particles of grease and dirt
CTA Products List Use on any electronic screen, cell phones, camera lenses, etc
CTA Products List Use also to clean your screen protector if you have one
CTA Products List Eco-friendly, cleans without using chemicals
CTA Products List Irresistibly soft
CTA Products List Will not scratch the surface
CTA Products List Does not produce any lint
CTA Products List Durable, easy care - wash and reuse hundreds of times
CTA Products List Portable, convenient and so thin it is perfect for traveling. When your iPad is not in use, simply fold the cloth in half, lay it on the screen and close your iPad case - the double layer of cloth adds cushion, protects the screen and prevents scratching
What is missing from your iPad
What is microfiber cloth
Not all microfiber cloths are created equal
Why is this cloth the worlds finest microfiber cloth
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Larger than other Screen Cleaning Cloths
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