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 Nano Power Finish



Dedicated Customer, WIngate by Wyndham Tampa, was designated by the State of Florida as a Green Hotel. Property uses approved Green product, Nano Power Finish™ to reduce use of chemical cleaners, and is itself Eco-friendly.

Customer Reviews 

Nano Power Finish™ 

"We started on some marine electronics;  GPS & Depth Finders.  These are very important accessories for the boater.  The LED screens on these units take a beating  - finger prints, dirt, salt water spray, water marks  -  add some dust that gets attracted.  We cleaned the units that are on display.  Sprayed each with Nano Power Finish.  You could see a big difference in the screens.  Very clean and added brightness.  Finger prints and water marks are easy to just wipe off.We attacked a few trolling motors.  The stainless steel shafts after being coated with the Nano Power Finish looked better & brighter than right out of the box.  You could feel the difference of the trolling motors that got Nano Finish.  We took on a few Stainless Coated Ladders.  The shine after coating the Nano Finish was better than new.  Once again you could tell the ladder was coated by feel and touch."- David Wozniak,Tampa FL 

"I am completely satisfied with Nano Power Finish and continue to find new applications for the product.  It is a clean, effortless and efficient way to seal and finish surfaces after cleaning.  The spray wipes down quickly leaving no residue or chemical smell.  It renewed the look of the kitchen counters and cabinets while also providing a longer stain protection than regular cleaners.  Using NPF on baseboards and window sills makes dusting easier by allowing small particles to sit on the newly finished surfaces rather than collect in small crevices.  It works well on car seats and leather furniture removing remaining particles of dirt left after using the standard warm soap and water scrubs.  There are limitless uses for the product including outdoor furniture and stainless steel grills, sports equipment, computer screens and keyboards, picture frames and mirrors." -Julie S, Mantoloking, N. J. 

"Nano cut my cleaning time in half! With the Nano product applied to my bikes before a ride all I needed to clean my dirtbikes and ATVs was a water hose and a soft cloth, compared to the normal pressure washer, cleaner/degreaser, cloths and brushes. I highly recommend this product to all riders who are tired of spending an hour cleaning your bike after every ride."-Nancy W.,   Tampa, FL  

"I have owned 12 New Power Boats in my Boating Career and all these Boats plus multiple convertables with rear plastic windows...I would like to extend some feedback on my most recent... Boat a New 2008 SeaRay 44 Ft Sundancer Serial # SERF16845708   The Boat is kept maintained at Hyannis Marina in Hyannis Massachusetts..I have applied Nano Protective Finish to my Stratoglass Windows and all the Stainless Fittings on my Boat upon taking delivery.. 7/2/09..The Boat by the way List Price is $795,000. FYI My expierience is the Cleanest, Easiest Maintenance ever on a Plastic Window.. No Scratchs and Clarity Beyond Belief !!!The Salt wash's off with the Spray of a Hose and Water !!   Wipe Dry with a Micrfibre Cloth or Chamois and a perfect Spotless window... My fellow Boaters have All used this product seeing my Crystal Clear Windows and Love the product and results !  I am talking Boats that sell in the Millions of Dollars !!!This Product is the Best if used correctly ...Clean the Widows and Spray a Mist application and wipe clean with a Microfibre Cloth Only.. Do a section at a time and Do Not Allow to Dry and Bake in the Direct sunlight." -Shep Tye, President Totally Today Inc.

"This product made my housework not only being pleasant & enjoyable but also very satisfying.  My first try of this product was on the glass tables and mirrors, and what a surprise, the glass tables were  shining  and the glass surface had this gloss  like polish , which protected it form any sorts of stains.   Everyone who has glass tables would definitely agree with me that every  time  you use  the table   wiping was just not enough, the table would  still  look dull.  Shining?  Forget it, unless you  work hard at it .  Well, one time use of this product kept the tables shiny and glossy for many days.  Using this product on the mirrors?  The result is shimmering mirrors all day, all night, weeks long.  No finger print stains, no dust look and yet best, mirrors in the bathroom with no steam stains ever.  After this satisfying experience on the glass & mirror products, I decided to try this product on practically everything in the house.  I use this Bio product on the stainless steel kitchen counters, ceramic walls in the bathroom, furniture wooden pieces-I am at absolute satisfaction in all.  No stains of any kind, no dust accumulation-only shine-with the minimum time."  Julia-Montreal, Canada

"I had heard from a friend that a product called Nano Power Finish could make the task of maintaining my boat much easier so I decided to give it a try. I own a 32 foot Donzi and it is docked at the Hyannis, Mass. Marina. I applied both Nano Power Primer and then Nano Power Finish as per the manufacturers’ instructions. My boat then sat in the water for 2 months. When I went to clean the bottom I found that not one single barnacle had formed. After two months, normally there would be quite a bit of algae and barnacle growth that would take many hours to remove. I was pretty amazed to discover no barnacle growth whatsoever. There was only a little bit of slime that came off easily with a little pressure washing. If you own a boat and you want to protect it from barnacles I would definitely recommend this product. Nano Power Finish has kept the bottom gel coat from the deterioration that comes with barnacle growth and has kept up the appearance of my boat with minimal effort. Needless to say, I am impressed." Jon Trotto

"I purchased the NanoPower Finish out of curiosity, I was thinking it promises something new that I have not seen or done before with any other finishing products, plus I do believe in technology and I know about the latest advancements in the nano field. So I got it and applied to my car and was very impressed, the dirt was so easy to clean and inside everything kept clean and fresh for much longer. Then I showed to my wife who was skeptical as she usually is skeptical about anything that promises something too "magical". I was so surprised when a few days later she literally run into my office and said I need more of this stuff... look, she said, what it did to the glass doors that were always so hard to clean - no more finger prints! The story is that since then she has been using it practically on everything the TV, the showers, mirrors, the refrigerator, windows, furniture and when the supply finished she said to me that if I don't keep buying Nano Power Finish she will divorce me :-). So I had order 3 more large bottles and now have to buy every month unless I want to clean my own finger prints." Tim Mourtazov

Letters from Excited Commercial Clients: Nano Power Finish™


Master Maintenance

Master Maintenance Janitorial Company

Client, Master Maintenance Inc., responsible for cleaning more than 12 Million Square Feet of commercial office space in Florida, uses Nano Power Finish. In a test study of one university client, the company has saved 14 hours in Labor costs PER DAY!

Read  More:  Letter from the President of Master Maintenance Inc. and Janitorial Study

 Wynhdam Hotel Letter from General Manager

 Wingate by Wyndham Hotel in Tampa, Florida, Long -Time Customer of CTA Products' Power ThreadsTM Microfiber & Nano Power FinishTM, has enjoyed Annual Savings of over $11,000.00 with NanoPF. Read More:  Letter and Hotel Case Study.

Wingate by Wyndham Tampa certified Green Lodging Hotel with State of Florida DEP, uses Nano Power FinishTM Eco-Friendly Finishing Product. Please read the Press Release posted at PRLog.org

Power Threads Microfiber Hair Turban

"I really like the hair turban, I use it every other day and it really cuts down on blow-drying. It also secures your hair very well and is extremely light, unlike other products I have used."-Tia K., Houston, TX

I love my hair turban! It cuts my styling time in half!"-Samantha, Miami, FL

Power Threads
Microfiber Baby Line

"My baby boy has infant acid reflux disease, and spits up after every feeding. The microfiber baby bib literally stops the skin irritation on his face because of its softness and quick absorbing power! I use fewer bibs throughout the day too!"-Alicia, Eugene, OR

"The microfiber changing pad cover soaks up accidents super fast, and it is SO soft on my daughter's skin!"-Angie, Tampa, FL

"My newborn comes out of the bath to immediate warmth and softness with the microfiber hooded towel"!-Lisa, Stamford, CT