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Amazing Results with Nano Power Finish™

Marine Case study: Fiber glass discs, one with Nano Power Finish™ (center) and one without (right) in Ocean for 6 weeks.

NanoPF actually inhibits barnacle growth!

Marine Demo, Fiberglass with and without Nano Power Finish

One side of a piece of fiberglass with our Nano Power FinishTM was put into the water for 6 weeks to compare the effects with and without Nano Power FinishTM. The untreated disk has barnacle growth everywhere, firmly attached to the disk. The only way to remove the barnacle growth is with vigorous pressure washing. The disk treated with Nano Power FinishTM only has slight covering with algae that is barely holding onto the disk and is easily wiped off with a cloth. These disks were untouched during the entire testing period.

Just think what Nano Power Finish™ can do to the surfaces of all your most valuable assets and possessions! Click to Buy Now!