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Microfiber Supports Green

Go Green with Power Threads  TM

Green Eco Friendly

Eliminate harmful, toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, ammonia, ethanol and butane found in many household cleaners from your home and environment.

Power Threads™ Microfiber products remove 98-99% of all dirt with just water.  Make a commitment to eco-friendly, chemical-free, safe cleaning in your home, office and automobile. Microfiber's ultra-absorbent surface grabs and holds dirt and grime effectively, eliminating your need for detergents. For tough jobs use Power Threads™ cloths with natural cleaners.  

Buy Microfiber Products and help reduce household and environmental waste and pollution. Microfiber is durable and cost effective as it can be washed hundreds of times.  Washing actually improves the towel's absorbency, and because it can be used and re-used, there's less to throw away.

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Why should you Go Green?

  • Avoid adverse health effects: Some cleaning products are found to contain chemicals that affect the health of people and their pets. Cleaners with ammonia and sodium hypochlorite can irritate the lungs and are not recommended for people with heart and chronic respiratory problems. Use natural cleaners to keep your home, office and car pollution free.

  • Eliminate hazardous waste: Cleaning products containing hazardous ingredients are dangerous when disposed as waste, because municipal systems are not designed to manage even minimal volumes of toxins. Purchase microfiber items to reduce toxic waste.

  • Preserve the ecosystem: Components of cleaning products that break down slowly or incompletely endanger plants, animals and microorganisms that live in water systems. Microfiber products help save the ecosystem.

  • Reduce smog and ozone depletion: Some cleaners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to photochemical smog. The Environmental Protection Agency has found that levels of VOCs indoors are up to 10 times greater than levels outdoors. Put an end to harmful emissions in your home and office with environmentally safe microfiber cleaning solutions.
  • Limit waste: Disposable paper products reduce the number of trees and packaging of hazardous cleaning products contributes to unnecessary waste in landfills and incinerators. Go green with Power Threads™ Microfiber products and help save your environment.
  • How can Power Threads™ Microfiber products help?

    • Chemical-free, safe cleaning
    • Removes 98-99% of all dirt with just water
    • Convenient and easy-to-use
    • Increases the effectiveness of cleaners
    • Reduces household and environmental pollution
    • Saves money on paper towels, soaps and cleaners

    View our Professional products for bulk purchase of convenient and easy-to-use Power Threads™ Microfiber products which reduce household and environmental pollution.