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Nano is Green

 Eco Friendly Products                                                         100% ECO-FRIENDLY

Nano Power FinishTM is water based and eco-friendly, containing no solvents, PTFE, silicones, petroleum distillates, oils, or waxes - free of VOC's or other damaging chemicals. Also, once applied, Nano Power Finish TM makes cleaning so easy, it reduces cleaning time by up to 80%. This means that the daily use of chemicals used for cleaning surfaces is in itself dramatically reduced. 

Nano Power Finish





Facts on Chemical Cleaners:

  • "Did you know that it is possible that the air inside your home is two times more polluted than outside air? Yes, it is indeed possible. And the worst part is that you can be the culprit, by using chemical-based ingredients. Not only do most chemical cleaners contain the same or similar chemicals, but most of them are also classified as hazardous waste. More damage is done to the environment by domestic pollutants than industrial toxins!" The Dangers Caused by Chemical Based Cleaning Products

  • "Over the past century, humans have introduced a large number of chemical substances into the environment. In the past 40 years, at least 70,000 new chemicals have been released into the environment through new consumer and industrial products and food."  healthycleaning.com

  • "The average home today contains on average 62 toxic chemicals. Fact: less than 2% of synthetic chemicals found in ordinary everyday household cleaners have been tested for toxicity, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, or birth defects. Fact: the majority of them have never been tested for long-term effects."From "Deadly facts about chemical-based household cleaners"David Lovattsmith of Helium, Inc.

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Nano Power FinishTM is a GREEN PRODUCT

& reduces the use of chemical cleaning products by up to 80%