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FAQ Microfiber & Nano Power Finish™

          Power Threads FAQ                 Nano Power Finish FAQ                                                

Microfiber FAQ

What is the fabric composition of Microfiber?

Microfiber is made from 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide (nylon).

What is the difference between using a Microfiber cloth VS Cotton cloth?

Microfiber absorbs 7 times more than Cotton cloths. Cotton cloths have thick, rounded fibers and cannot pick up grease and dirt as Microfiber cloths do.

On what surfaces can I use a Microfiber cloth?

Windows, glass, mirrors, wood, leather, granite, plastic, stainless steel, countertops and tabletops, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances, painted surfaces, and many more. Use it dry to dust or polish. Use it damp or wet (with water) to clean surfaces.

How do I clean a Microfiber cloth or towel?

  • Machine wash with a mild detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Recommended washing temperature is 140 degrees with temperatures not exceeding 190 degrees
  • Machine dry on medium heat
  • Do Not Iron
  • Frequent washings are recommended as microfiber can pick up particles that can scratch surfaces 

Are Microfiber products Eco Friendly?

Yes because you use much less paper towels, as a microfiber cloth or towel holds up to 7 times it weight.  You can wash and reuse hundreds of times.   Microfiber cloth will absorb grease and leave solid surfaces completely clean and streak-free with just water.  No chemical cleaning products are necessary.

Where can I email any questions I have regarding Microfiber?

Email all questions to info@ctaproducts.com

What are the Benefits of Using a Microfiber cloth?

  • Hypoallergenic, cleans without using chemicals and stores dirt until it is washed, rather than dispersing it like the cotton cloth

  • Super Absorbent which will cut your cleaning time in half and save money

  • It's Green because water is the only you need to apply

  • Microfiber Cloths are Non-abrasive and will not scratch 

FAQ Nano Power Finish™

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology, called "the newest science", is the study of miniaturization. Some examples of success in the field are Ipods, very thin laptop computers, nanowire and nanotube advances in electrical transmission efficiencies; and chemically, our marvelous Nano Power Finish! and other specialty finishes - just to name a few

How does Nano Power Finish™ work?

The polymeric finishing particles are so small they penetrate and seal even the tiniest imperfections in any surface.

How long does it last?

Once dried, the tiny finishing particles have penetrated and bonded to the surface, there are no oils, waxes or solvents left on the surface to be deteriorated by the sun and wind, so the finish should last three to four times longer than what you are used to.

Is it safe?

These finishes are water borne, inert polymers. They contain none of the environmental hazards associated with petrochemical based waxes or polishes.
It is safer for you, and the environment.

How do I apply Nano Power Finish™?

Spray lightly on clean surface.

Spread evenly with a soft cloth.

Leave liquid on surface for 30-60 seconds.

Buff with a Microfiber or other soft cloth.

How does it protect?

Nano Power Finish finishes not only seal and bond with the surface, penetrating up to 80%, compared to 20% average penetration for traditional waxes or polishes, it protects from ultra violet rays and the polymer particles are negatively charged, protecting against static electricity - actually repelling dust and dirt.

Are there other advantages?

Smooth, sealed surfaces produce less friction. Tests are ongoing to determine how much Nano Power Finish. finishes may increase fuel mileage, improve acceleration, increase air flow over lifting surfaces or sails and act as dry lubricants.

Does the finish Shine?

Nano Power Finish enhance the appearance of a surface without changing its look, bright shiny finishes, like cars, will shine more brightly and clearly, while more matte finishes, like furniture or cabinets, appear richer without unwanted shine

Nano Power Finish™ Uses

The ultimate in surface protection: Repels soil, static, sun and friction.
Less Work - More Leisure
Think about all of your most valuable possessions. It is important to you to keep them clean and protected from the elements, but who has the time?
In less than ½ the time you CAN protect your favorite belongings with Nano Power FinishTM -  while reducing the use of chemical pollutants as Nano Power FinishTM is water based and environmentally friendly.


Hull, transom, bulkheads

  • Windows, Plexiglas, soft clear vinyl

  • Side curtains, tops, sails, guy wires, turnbuckles

  • Dashboard, instruments, screens

  • Tuna towers, flying bridge components, radar superstructure

  • Radar domes, antennae, transducers

  • Props, drive shafts, lower units, trim tabs

  • Outriggers, metal fixtures, chocks and fittings, line guides

  • Anchors, chain and riggings

  • Bumpers, Side rails, moorings, buoys and riggings

  • Galley and head fixtures and counters

  • Bilge and hold surfaces

  • Stainless, brass, chrome, copper and steel fittings and fixtures

  • Reels, rods, line guides, hooks, artificial baits, sinkers, swivels, leaders

  • Trailers


  • Body, grill, bumpers, convertible roofs, sun roofs

  • Windshields, windows - in & out, mirrors, lights

  • Dash, instruments, console, vinyl seat backs, vinyl door sides

  • Wheels, hub caps, tires, under carriage

  • Firewall, wheel wells, valve covers, breather cans & covers, radiator fins, fans

  • Hinges, pivots, threads, nuts

  • Water and fluid reservoirs, trunk interior

  • Truck beds, tail gates, trailer hitches

  • RVs, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, motor scooters


  • TV & computer screens, furniture and cabinets

  • Counter tops, & sinks, kitchen and bath fixtures and appliances

  • Range hoods, microwave and stove interiors, cook tops (good to 400 degrees)

  • Cabinets, drawer glides, hinges, locks, pivots

  • Rotary switches, bearings, door hinges, trim and faces

  • Outdoor toys, furniture, umbrellas


  • Saw blades, housings, shoes, guards, guides & tables, router housings, blades and tables

  • Lathes, mills, grinder bodies, drill presses, drill bits, wet saws

  • Hand saws, planes, pliers, crescent wrench gears, clamp gears, guides, screwdriver shafts

  • Awls, nail punches, adjustable squares, knife blades

  • Lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, chain saw blades, guides & bodies

  • Shovels, trowels, rake blades, scissors, forks, post hole diggers, hedge trimmers

  • Tool boxes


  • Eye glasses, sun glasses

  • Jewelry, watches, gem stones

  • Shoes, belts

  • CDs, DVDs, Vinyl records

  • Ipods, Black Berrys, laptops, cell phone screen and body

  • Camera lenses


  • Office equipment, computer screens, copier screens

  • Scientific and medical electronic equipment and devices

  • Silk screen and embroidery equipment

  • File drawers, glides, latches

  • Telephone housings, control panels

 Sports & Recreation

  • Water skis, tow tubes, bogie boards, surf boards, wind surfer bottom, rigging and sail

  • Snow skis, sled, luge, tabbogan runners, snow boards

  • Golf clubs (except handles), golf carts, golf bags, umbrellas

  • Fishing tackle

  • Firearms, scopes, binoculars

  • Shuffle board pucks, curling stones

  • Sport vehicles


  • Fleets - road, sea, air, rail

  • Construction equipment

  • Pump and motor housings, shafts, impellers, bearings

  • Machine tools, production equipment

  • Material handling equipment, trucks, wheels, bearings

  • Rental equipment, tools

  • Shipping container and overhead door latches, springs, guides

  • Dry lube for - switches, relays, axels, spindles, pivots, hinges and glides

  • Mold release agent (to 400 degrees farenheit)

Glass & Mirror 

  • Glass Display Cases

  • Doors and Windows

  • Mirrors

  • Elevators

  • Escalators (not steps)

  • Chandeliers and lighting

  • Shelving and racks

  • Table and counter tops

  • Display Inventory: Glasses, Lenses, Screens, Vases...